RUSSIA NEWS: Russia protests Denis Kaznacheev’s extradition from Germany to the US –TASS

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MOSCOW November 25. /TASS/. Russia protests the impending extradition of Denis Kaznacheev, its citizen from Germany, to the US where the charges of money laundering are against him. Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated this at a press conference on Thursday.

” We strongly object to Denis Kaznacheev, a Russian national, being extradited to the USA by the German authorities,” she stated, in response to a German court ruling.

The extradition would signify that Berlin engaged in “serious antiRussian activity” and Russia will consider it when considering cooperation with Germany on matters that ”are relevant to Berlin,’ said Zakharova.

She said

Russia hadn’t received any questions from the US about the man’s purported crime. According to the spokeswoman, the US is pursuing political goals by prosecuting Russian nationals like Viktor Bout and Konstantin Yaroshenko as well as Denis Kaznacheev.

” We consider this nothing but political abductions, which aim to show this American nation’s power that it bestowed upon itself.

A German court ruled in November to extradite Kaznacheev (a Russian musician/dJ) to the USA where he is facing money laundering charges. The US law enforcement officials reported earlier that Kaznacheev was believed to be part of Russia’s cyber-mafia. He used the Darknet to launder more $1 million with his associates from 2010-2020.. As the US wanted his extradition, he was taken into custody in Berlin on May 29.

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