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The constant churning of the Pirates’ roster 2021 resulted in a few performances that were of interest. According to, he is now set to return to the team in ’22,. A source said that Pittsburgh has signed a one-year contract with Tsutsugo.

The agreement is valued at $4 million, although the Pirates have yet to confirm it.

After being released by the Dodgers in August, Tsutsugo was signed by the Bucs to a Major League contract. He experienced a small-sample resurgence and provided instant power to a team with a smaller-ball style. His long left-handed swing earned him an. 883 OPS: Eight doubles, a triple, and eight homers in 43 game.

Tsutsugo owns a .209/.309/. 388 slash with 16 homers 132 MLB for his career. The Bucs believe that what they saw was not a flash but the beginning of a return to form by a former Nippon Pro Baseball player who hit 205homers in 968 Japanese games.

Tsutsugo’s main concern was in the outfield. After the release of Gregory Polanco from the Pirates, Tsugo was tested in right field. He looked less polished than his natural position at first. GM Ben Cherington stated that Tsugo should be looking towards 2022..

Derek Shelton, manager of the regular season, stated that he had put him in an inconvenient position in right field. This was a place where he hadn’t played much. “I believe we saw growth there.”

Although it is not clear if the National League will have a designated hitter for 2022,, Tsutsgo would be a strong candidate to fill that role.

These questions aside, Pirates fans can be thankful this Thanksgiving for the low-cost signing a potential power bat to a low slugging team.

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