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ISRAEL NEWS: There is no need to deny it: We have a well-mannered, level-headed government that is responsible, competent, and well-managed. It runs the country with a clear hand and farsighted discretion. For example, it has just become clear that Israel’s GDP will be higher than anticipated, and already Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has decided where to invest all this newfound money: in advanced ground-to-ground missiles.

Bravo, hats off. We will end the terrible missile shortage that has for many years hampered our lives. We won’t see toddlers crying out for the missile, as we will not be seeing them grabbing their mother’s apron and screaming, “Mommy! Mommy! I don’t understand why everyone has advanced ones. Mommy, I want a missile! A ground-to–ground missile… Finally, the mothers will be able hug their little ones and softly whisper to them, “Soon sweetheart, soon… Uncle Naftali promised.”

And young adults, who are already struggling to find affordable housing, will be delighted to hear this news. They may have feared that the additional money would be used to build rental apartments, strengthen public housing, or lower the cost of apartments. It is not true. All will be well for missiles. We are lucky to have a government for change .

And the disabled in wheelchairs. Assistants in nursery schools. Kindergarten teachers in kindergartens. Senior citizens who don’t have enough money to last for a week. The elderly who cannot afford a caregiver. Patients lining up at the hospitals. There are also those who wait in line to catch a bus that never arrives. People who use their cash to buy medication with trembling hands.

And those who eat sparingly to save a few pennies each day. The 40 students crowded into one classroom. The homeless, who are living on the streets. The residents of buildings falling to the ground. The women who are homeless because they don’t have shelter. The neglected areas that no one cares about…

All of them and tens of thousand of others will be delighted. It is so reassuring to know that the government of Change (some people refer to it as the “miracle Government”) doesn’t pay any attention whatsoever to our small complaints and will not waste any more time on our annoying nagging. All for the missiles. And maybe for a few advanced lasers too.

Wait a minute! Correction: Not all of it will be used to purchase missiles made abroad. A portion of it will be used to expand the local weapons of mass destruction industry. It will be used for both our own and commercial purposes. There are always more dubious customers that can appreciate the technological efficiency of the blue-and white death industry’s moral flexibility.

Did the prime minister hesitate a moment before deciding that the entire GDP-GNP would be used to expand the Israeli missile arsenal? He had a fleeting thought that maybe it might be a good idea for some of the money to go to society and help its welfare. I bet he didn’t. He’s not a paramedic, but a team commander in an elite unit of commando units.

But thanks him and his ilk we have had the privilege to fulfill the biblical verse “By Your sword shall you live” in both senses. A sword to wave in endless useless wars and a commercial sword, to be sold to highest bidder and profit from.

Yes! I do know. The above-mentioned blessing Isaac gave his firstborn son Esau was the one he mentioned. Jacob-Israel is not the one who received it. Jacob-Israel was transformed into Esau a few decades back, some even saying 70 many years ago. It’s not surprising that Isaac received his blessing through him.

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