GAMING: Fortnite’s Throwing Axe Is In Development.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 is over. Fortnite Chapter 3 will see the introduction of a new throwing-axe weapon. The news comes via a leak by the game’s foremost leaker, @Hypex, who showed off images apparently straight from the game’s files that depict the throwing axe as it currently appears. It remains to be seen if it makes it into the game. However, it is not known if it will. Often, leakers share information about things they know are forthcoming but present them as possible future content to avoid wasting resources or spoil Epic’s plans.

The throwing axe features an array of Fortnite stickers on its wooden grip, including one depicting Kit, the feline offspring of fan-favorite character Meowscles. The axe has a long and sharp head, with blue accents on its blade and bolts. There are also character charms that hang from the bottom. It’s likely that it will be included in Fortnite’s five-slot inventory, along with other throwables such as firefly jars and grenades (essentially Molotov cocktails).

The introduction of such a weapon would add to Fortnite’s already-impressive repertoire of gadgets and its ever-changing meta. The past season has been a great reminder of how much content is contained in Fortnite’s vault. Players have voted to unvault classic weapons approximately twice per month. The throwing axe will likely be removed from the vault season by season. However, some throwables, like the mainstays, do not change season to season.

We don’t yet know whether the throwing axe would include rarities with increasing attributes in areas such as damage and item carry limit, but again, looking to other throwables may be instructive in this regard. If this is the case, we expect the throwing knife to be a rare item with no available enhancements. We can only speculate with so little information about Fortnite Chapter 3.

What we know for sure is Chapter 2 is coming to The End, and soon we’ll all be living in a new Fortnite reality–perhaps with throwing axes in hand. Start practicing your Kratos voice.

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