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The more things change–like Fortnite Chapter 3’s upcoming map–the more they remain the same–like Fortnite’s stream of licensed crossover Fortnite skins we see almost every week. It’s easy to lose track of all the Fortnite news. Let’s now look at the leaked Fortnite skins. These include highly sought-after characters such as Spider-Man and Neo, from The Matrix.

Fortnite Spider-Man skin

Fortnite fans have been expecting a Spider-Man skin for years, and the likelihood of it happening is all but guaranteed given the years-long content plans already in place between Marvel and Epic Games. They clearly know what they are doing when they drag out the release Spider-Man skin. That should be reserved for a special moment. According to one usually reliable leaker, @ShiinaBR, the crossover everyone wants is set for Chapter 3, and may even arrive alongside the debut of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which hits theaters on December 17.

Shiina followed up that initial tease and added that, according to his sources, the webslinger will arrive in Chapter 3, Season 1 specifically, which is set to launch sometime in the days after the Chapter 2 finale event on December 4. It will be interesting to see what version of Spidey Fortnite launches. We anticipate many versions Marvel’s beloved hero will arrive in Fortnite over time. However, if the movie’s release coincides with it, it might be more prudent to expect the MCU version to launch first, perhaps even with an Iron Spider alternate skin.

Fortnite Matrix skins

If leaks are to be believed, the rebirth of The Matrix is set to be celebrated within Fortnite too. The Matrix Resurrections is set to debut in theaters on December 22, and according to the foremost leaker in the Fortnite world, @Hypex, the movie will crossover with Fortnite in the form of two character skins, Neo and Trinity. The latest movie shows Neo sporting a look more like Keanu Reeves’ John Wick, but Fortnite will have an alternate style. It will feature him with his shorter hair and a more modern appearance.

If–or more likely when–we get a Neo skin based on Reeves’ likeness, Fortnite will actually be home to two versions of the beloved actor, as John Wick is already in the game. This will be the first time that an actor’s likeness has been included in Fortnite. They will have two characters.

Looking ahead to more Fortnite skin rumors

Predicting future Fortnite skins is now relatively simple math even without the insider sources that some leakers have: 1 major property with a forthcoming release = 1 likely Fortnite collaboration. Recent additions like the Resident Evil heroes and Dune characters remind us that Epic is likely to be in touch with licensers if this is a major deal. It’s safe to assume that there will be other crossovers. If we were betting on it, we’d wager crossovers with the following brands or series are being considered or already set in stone for 2022:

Matt Reeves’ The Batman
Mission: Impossible
The Walking Dead’s Negan
Doctor Strange
HBO’s Game of Thrones universe
Young Sheldon

While Epic hasn’t yet worked with any major slasher properties, there remains a huge groundswell of demand for the likes of Scream’s Ghostface and Halloween’s Michael Myers. We’ll be watching for leaks from these two horror titans next year. Which Fortnite crossover are you most excited to see?

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