GAMING: Destiny 2’s 30-Year Anniversary Expansion Must Be Purchased On Each Platform.

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The most recent This Week at Bungie post describing what’s happening in Destiny 2 was lighter than last weeks ,, but it included an important note. Unlike purchasing a season in Destiny 2, the Bungie 30th Anniversary event will not transfer between platforms because it’s considered a DLC–so if you purchase it on one platform, like PlayStation 5, it’ll only work for you on that platform. It will be an expansion and not a free seasonal event like Festival of the Lost or The Dawning.

Players will have to purchase the 30th Anniversary pack for $25 in order to play most of the content it includes; it isn’t included as part of the Season of the Lost. Dares of Eternity, a new 6-player matchmade activity, is the only part that’s free.

In addition to Dares of Eternity, the DLC includes a new Destiny 1 loot cave-themed dungeon. The DLC also marks the debut of Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2, with a new quest to acquire the much-loved Exotic rocket launcher from Destiny 1. Players can also get the Destiny 1 returning weapons Eyasluna and 1000-Yard Stare.

Bungie 30th Anniversary Dungeon

The rest of the 30th Anniversary Pack will give players new ornaments, emblems, shaders, Exotic vehicles, and more. A new Thorn-inspired armor set is included in the DLC. However, Bungie hasn’t specified if items listed for the 30th Anniversary Pack will drop as rewards or if they’ll be available as soon as the event begins. Eververse is known to regularly sell new items at the start of an event, so it’s possible that players will see them here.

This is the first time Bungie has sold a smaller-scale DLC for Destiny 2–normally, its expansions are yearly affairs that include more content and come with a higher price tag. Season passes on the other hand allow players to access more content but are less expensive and can be transferred between platforms. Players will also need to buy dungeons when Witch Queen launches. The Standard edition of the expansion doesn’t include the dungeons, but the Deluxe edition will come with both dungeons set to release in Year 5.

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