ARAB NEWS: Libya election body rejects Qaddafi son’s presidential bid

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ARAB NEWS: BEIRUT: Hezbollah is in political confusion according to Sana Aljak, a writer and political analyst. This comes amid reports that Hezbollah and the Amal Movement, headed by Nabih Berri, are having a dispute over their earlier request to have Judge Tarek Bitar removed from the investigation into the Beirut port blast last year.

The government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati is stuck on how to respond to Bitar’s calls. By the middle of this week, the positive atmosphere created by Monday’s meeting between President Michel Aoun, Berri and Mikati had not translated into concrete steps.

Berri and Hezbollah also claimed to be in dispute over the proposed solutions for the resumption of Cabinet meetings.

The allies have been boycotting the meetings since Oct. 12,, against the background of the port blast investigation. Government turmoil has been further exacerbated by George Kordahi’s provocative statement about the war in Yemen.

According to the following information, the meeting on Lebanon’s Independence Day resulted in “flexibility and positivity to resolve outstanding problems.”


A growing number of people are

Aoun is also reported to have promised to facilitate understanding of solutions if the prime minister invited a Cabinet session after his Vatican visit to meet Pope Francis.

According to the information, Bitar’s request to implement Hezbollah to suspend Bitar was to limit Bitar’s powers. , in accordance with the constitution, should not be allowed to investigate accused officials including MPs and former prime ministers. Bitar should also not be permitted to try these officials before Supreme Council for the Trial of Presidents and Ministers. ) This means Bitar must be ex pelled from the trials of political officials and not suspended.

Berri and other political parties had to respect the constitution, particularly since the prime minister reaffirmed his refusal to interfere with the work of the judiciary. He was also committed to the separation between powers.

According to information, this means that Bitar’s demand is being withdrawn. Hezbollah insists on this condition in order to allow its ministers to attend Cabinet sessions.

This has led to accusations of discord between Hezbollah, Amal Movement.

Berri is a member. Mohammed Khawaja is a MP.

Khawaja stated: “It’s natural that there are differences in attitudes between Hezbollah affairs and the Amal Movement, especially in how they view internal political and how best to deal with them. They are not one party.” Both sides meet for strategic issues and work together. There’s no need to exaggerate this dispute

Aljak stated that the dispute was a “distribution of roles” between Hezbollah (Berri) and Hezbollah.

Arab News was told by her: “Hezbollah wasn’t able to completely remove Bitar, so the party tried overthrow the head the Supreme Judicial Council who protects Bitar. It couldn’t (do) neither . Hezbollah is a powerful force in Lebanon and has discovered that it is unable to control everything and is even helpless. Now, the party is entering into reconciliation with Khaldeh tribes, or with the murderer one of its leaders. Hezbollah cannot use its excess power He boasts that he has 100,000 fighters. This is a sign .”

of weakness.

Aljak spoke out about the attack on political leaders by Ghaleb Abu Zinab (Hezbollah leader) last Monday and how the party was forced into stating that he didn’t represent the party’s positions.

This is evidence that Hezbollah reached a point where it believed it could control all things, but it soon discovered that its excess power was not in its favor. Hezbollah was active in many areas of the region. But what did it gain? Everyone talks about the Iranian occupation. Hezbollah’s popularity has fallen. Hezbollah is now like a dictator who doesn’t bother to persuade people to like him but suddenly finds out that they hate him.

Aljak said, “The party doesn’t know how to get out all the places it was involved in.”

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