ARAB NEWS: After the SPR release, all eyes are now on OPEC+

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ARAB NEWS: Saudi Arabian authorities sign water and environment deals to encourage technology and scientific research

The agreement contributes to achieving the ministry’s objectives to meet current and future urban, agricultural and industrial needs

Updated 25 November 2021

Arab News

November 25, 2021 00:26

RIYADH – Officials from Saudi Arabia signed Wednesday a strategic partnership agreement for the establishment of a national data bank to preserve plant genes in the Kingdom. Abdul Rahman Al-Fadhli was the minister of environment and water in Riyadh. This research cooperation agreement is designed to map the genome and create genetic information bases for perennial, endangered, and plant of pastoral, economic, and medical importance. It will also create a genetic data bank to help understand the living nature and adaptation of these plants in diverse environments. This will allow them to be conserved from extinction and reproduce in their natural habitats. KAUST organized field trips for the collection of samples from a A variety of endangered and perennial trees and plants with the purpose of carrying out scientific experiments. The agreement aims to define specific measurable target outputs for collaboration and it will also help in achieving a number of objectives of the National Water Strategy 2030. This agreement helps to achieve the ministry’s goals to meet future agricultural, urban and industrial needs. It focuses on the development, sustainability, promotion and enhancement of water resources and provides innovative solutions to water sector problems and capacity building. It will also create a partnership for creative research to benefit the Kingdom’s Water Sector technology transfer, research projects, strategic studies, and research on issues that positive water resources, planning, governance, the relationship of water, agriculture and energy, as well as the overall performance and efficiency of the water sector.

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