SCIENCE NEWS: Leaks Show That Google’s Pixel 6a Could Rule the Budget Phone Scene

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Nov 23, 2021, 3: 13 pm EST
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Google somehow managed to sell the Pixel 6, a flagship phone with cutting-edge hardware, for just $600. But how will the upcoming Pixel 6a be priced? New leaks from 9to5Google‘s APK Insight team show that the Pixel 6a will make just a few small compromises to reach the budget market, and we couldn’t be more excited.

First, the Pixel 6a will have the same Tensor processor that the full-sized Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro. This should ensure flagship performance and compatibility with the Pixel 6’s exclusive software features. Google also reused the Pixel 6 design to make the Pixel 6a. This version has a longer “visor” camera bar and an in-display fingerprint reader. Unfortunately, there is no headphone jack.

Where are the downgrades? Unlike the Pixel 6, which has a 6.4-inch screen, the Pixel 6a will sport a smaller 6. 20-inch display. We’re not sure if this screen will support high refresh rates, though Google will probably utilize a 1080p OLED panel.

There’s also the main camera, which will use a 12.2MP Sony IMX363 primary sensor instead of the 50MP that we got with the Pixel 6. While this may sound like a major downgrade, previous Pixel devices used this same 12.2MP sensor and produced great photos. And given the enhanced machine learning power of Google’s new Tensor chip, the Pixel 6a will probably shoot better pictures than last year’s Pixel 5 flagship (which also used the 12.2MP sensor).

We still have a lot to learn about the Pixel 6a, including its specs. Still, this new info from 9to5Google paints an amazing picture of the Pixel 6a. If these leaks are accurate, then the Pixel 6a could dominate the sub-$500 phone market with its powerful Tensor chip, great cameras, exclusive features, and premium design.

Source: 9to5Google

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