SCIENCE NEWS: iOS 15 won’t get digital driver’s license support until 2022

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When Apple launched iOS 15, quite a few features were delayed to later versions. While some have already arrived and others are on the way, there is one that won’t be arriving in 2021: ID cards.

As spotted by MacRumors, Apple has updated its iOS 15 Overview site to say that the feature allowing you to add driver’s licenses and other state ID cards to the Wallet app won’t be arriving until early 2022. This feature lets you use your iPhone to identify yourself at TSA security checkpoints at airports. For authentication, the system will use Face ID or Touch ID.

In September, Apple announced that Arizona and Georgia will be the first to implement ID Wallet support, while Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah will be arriving shortly after.

Apple claims that all ID data are encrypted both on the device and during transmission. Apple’s mobile ID implementation supports the ISO 18013-5 mDL (mobile driver’s license) standard.

Adding the ID to Apple Wallet once the feature is live will be the same as adding a credit or debit card. You’ll need to tap the “+” icon at the top right of Apple Wallet. Select ID and scan your driver’s licence or state ID card. Add a selfie. These images will be sent securely to the state for verification. As an additional security measure, the iPhone will need to record facial movements and head movements. This is similar to Face ID activation. Your ID will be added to Apple Wallet once you have been verified by the state.

Apple hasn’t given a specific timeframe for the feature’s release, but it will presumably arrive as part of iOS 15.3 next year. iOS 15.2 is currently in development and looks to release within the next few weeks.

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