SAUDI ARABIA NEWS: Saudi Arabia reiterates its commitment to human rights at UN

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NEW YORK – Saudi Arabia reaffirmed its utmost keenness on the protection of human rights and preservation of human dignity through enforcing deterrent regulations based on the provisions of the Islamic Shariah. Advisor Mohammed Al-Ateeq (deputy representative of Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Delegation at the United Nations) stated that the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Law was approved in 2009, and is one of the most important regulations in this area.

He made these remarks while addressing a high-level meeting to discuss progress in implementing UN Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons, held at UN headquarters on Wednesday.

Al-Ateeq said the Kingdom advanced its ranks globally in human rights track record with scoring many achievements. He said that the Kingdom was also working to implement regulations to combat and eradicate human rights-related crimes.

The Saudi delegate noted that there are ample provisions in the Kingdom’s Anti-Trafficking in Persons Law to safeguard the rights of human trafficking victims. This law provides protection for victims of human trafficking during both the investigation and the trial phase against the perpetrators. Both the Islamic Shariah and national and international standards for human rights are respected during the investigation and trial phases.

The Council of Ministers had previously decided to create a committee under the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to combat human trafficking. Al-Ateeq stated that the commission had developed a national plan for combating trafficking in persons. He also said that the Kingdom is doing all it can to combat this crime, at both the international and national levels.

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