INDIA NEWS: Isro working on tech that can beat even Star Trek’s

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has been on an interstellar overload, working on futuristic technologies that could make sci-fi movies. Think self-eating rockets and self-vanishing satellites, to name just a few among the 46 slices of mind-bending tech taking shape at its innovation hub.
“All our rockets have metal casings that are dropped into the sea after launch or become (final-stage) space debris. We are developing a technology that will allow rockets to eat themselves. This will eliminate the risk of them falling into the sea or becoming space debris. We are looking at special materials for casings that can burn up along with motors,” Isro chairman K Sivan told TOI on Tuesday.
In the same vein, self-vanishing satellite technology would enable spacecraft destruction, once its lifetime is over, through a “kill button” to kickstart a process that will burn it up in-orbit.
“When rockets fly, there are defects sometimes. Sivan stated that self-healing materials are capable of correcting some of these defects.
Make-in-space concepts, quantum communication and advanced radars are the other technologies Isro is focusing on as part of the plan to prepare India for future even as private enterprises manage day-to-day launches.


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