GAMING: Master Chief Pees In His Suit And Smells Very Bad

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Halo developers have shed new light on what Master Chief does when nature calls. It turns out that he doesn’t need to take off his suit to relieve himself. All bodily fluids go into the suit.

Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor told Polygon that “everything that Chief secretes in a normal day” goes into the suit. The suit is then recycled and Master chief can go about his day.

“There’s a noninvasive physical connection beneath and part of the base layer,” O’Connor said. “Spartans don’t wince when they get dressed up. Catheter is used to mean invasion, but it really refers to a hygienic valve. Thank goodness for 26th century supermaterials and bespoke tailoring. After the voiding, capillary action occurs. Recycling is nearly 100% efficient. “

Halo veteran Joseph Staten weighed in as well, saying the manner in which Master Chief relieves himself is not something the team actively thinks about each day. The studio did however come up with an explanation.

“You know what? Master Chief just… does it. [He] has no time for bodily fluids. Staten stated that he has more important tasks and […] does this in the suit.

Due to all of this secretion staying inside the suit, Master Chief likely smells very bad, O’Connor said. “We were having a conversation [recently] when someone asked, “I wonder what Chief smells?” 6498305 He said.

With the Halo TV show scheduled for release in 2022, maybe we’ll get to see Master Chief’s pee-suit in action. Let’s hope so.

In Halo news unrelated to urine, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta is out now and recently passed 200,000 peak concurrent players on Steam. Fracture: Tenrai, which introduced new cosmetics and a Fiesta mode, was likely to be responsible for the surge in players. Check out our rundown of Fracture: Tenrai to learn more.

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And in other news, Microsoft recently explained why delaying Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op feature was the right thing to do.

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