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A Fortnite Victory Royale can be a steep hill to climb. Outlasting roughly 99 other players and sealing the win for yourself or your team takes awareness, skill, and maybe a dash of luck at times. We have the perfect solution for you if you want to improve your Fortnite setup. By using one of the in game accessibility options, you can get a more detailed island so that every threat is accurately measured and you will always be ahead of the rest. This article will show you how to activate Fortnite’s audio effects and explain why.

Why use visualized audio in Fortnite?

Visualizing audio in Fortnite is built in as an accessibility feature for players who may require some assistance in identifying threats via in-game sounds. It creates a radial warning indicator on your screen that pinpoints the source of certain audio. Visualized audio will give you a better idea of where your enemies are than hearing them fire a gun. The system can also call out other sounds, such as vehicles and chests. This feature will tell you where the noise is coming from if it is making it.

Don’t just hear enemies lurking, see their noise too.

If ever you’ve watched high-level Fortnite players on streams or in esports, there’s a good chance they were using this feature. It can be extremely helpful for all Fortnite players. It doesn’t interfere with Fortnite’s already busy UI, so the benefits outweigh any conceivable disadvantages.

How to toggle visualized audio in Fortnite

Now that you understand the benefits of visualized audio in Fortnite, here’s how to turn it on yourself. This is a simple procedure, even though it’s hidden in Fortnite’s menus. It comes from Fortnite’s deep customization.

To turn on visualized audio in Fortnite, head into the settings menu and scroll to the section marked by the speaker icon. Scroll down to the midway point of the length menu options to find “Visualize Sound Effects.” This setting is defaulted to off. Turn it on, and then apply your settings by using either the interact button or the A key.

Take your Fortnite skills to the next level.

Then, hop into a match and give it a try for yourself. It’s possible you will be asking yourself how you ever managed to play without it. It is very useful, especially in the late-game storm circle where every sound and difference matters. Let us know if you are able to score a quick Victory Royale by using this handy feature.

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