BUSINESS: Soul Sticks, NFTs Spreading Positivity & Mindfulness Throughout The Metaverse

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LONDON, ENGLAND, November 23, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Soul Sticks is a promising NFT project that operates with a grand vision to spread positivity and mindfulness throughout the metaverse. Their platform is now available for users to explore and understand. The collection encompasses 10,000 NFTs that are meticulously crafted by the crew, inspired by spirituality and nature.

Each piece is original, random-generated, and elegantly crafted using more 200 characteristics, such as shoes and facial expressions. These pieces are designed to help you feel calm, relaxed and smile while you navigate the digital world. This is achieved through the use of stick men, a playful cartoon representation of nature.

This project is an homage to peacemakers, leaders, and individuals who have contributed in some way to the spiritual and psychological evolution of the human race. They have made 300 Soulsticks as a token of their gratitude for these remarkable individuals. This includes Nobel Peace Prize winners, Dalai Lama, and Pope. This will ensure that the community is enriched with forward-thinking thinkers who can benefit from the discussions and talks in the Soul Sticks Society.

Soul Sticks is a platform built with a robust base on the Solana network. The project technology is future-proofed because Solana is well-known for its high scalability, ease of handling network congestion and higher throughput. You can expect higher throughput, fast transaction speeds, and low gas prices.

Soul Sticks is sure to spread a positive message which will benefit its society and in turn the wider world. It will attract positive people, those who are into mindfulness and people who are interested to improve themselves. To guarantee the success of the society, the platform will allow minting of exclusive Soul Sticks once the followers on Twitter reach 10,000. They believe that completing this Himalayan task will give the community the energy it needs to thrive.

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