BUSINESS: HITLAB Announces Finalists for Fall 2021 Breakthrough Alliance Challenge

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HITLAB is pleased to announce the five finalists selected for the Fall 2021 Breakthrough Alliance (BTA) challenge. The five finalists were chosen based on their innovation, scaleability, sustainability, and impact. A number of lengthy applications were received from all over the globe. They were then reviewed by an independent panel and scored by Breakthrough Board members.

HITLAB is pleased to announce the five finalists selected for the Fall 2021 Breakthrough Alliance (BTA) challenge. The BTA is a digital health consortium which was created to accelerate a greater number of innovations to improve health outcomes and care delivery through verified emerging technologies.

The finalists, which were selected based on innovation, scalability, sustainability and impact of their solution, include Cardiomo Care Inc., Cake, Duality Technologies, Taylannas Inc., Livemetric. A number of applications were received from all over the globe. They were evaluated and scored by an independent panel of judges and Breakthrough Board members.

All 5 companies will have a chance to present their digital health solutions on December 2nd during the HITLAB 2021 Innovator’s Summit, at which point 3 winners will be selected. Rapid-cycle studies will evaluate the winning solutions with end-users. This will provide key validation data as well as actionable insights into concept, design, feasibility, market potential, and other relevant factors. They will have the opportunity to present alongside other industry leaders at HITLAB’s monthly Digital Health Symposia.

” We had an incredible pool of applicants from all over the globe with innovative solutions. Stan Kachnowski (Chair of HITLAB, Director Digital Health Program at Columbia Business School) stated that the judges made it clear that this was a tight competition with many details that separated the finalists from the hoses that did not progress.”

Summary of Finalists/Solutions:

Cardiomo Care Inc. (New York, NY) Provides a breakthrough solution for remote cardiac monitoring and chronic care management, which is a unique combination of convenience and usability both for patients and functionality for cardiologists.
Cake (Boston, MA)Leading tech solution for advance care and end-of-life planning as well as post-loss support, combining data science and end-of-life expertise to serve over 45 million people every year.
Duality Technologies (Newark, NJ)- Duality Secure Plus offers privacy-preserving and regulation-compliant solutions to enable analysis, planning and research of medical data that is linked or aggregated from multiple sources, such as medical centers.
Taylannas Inc. (Miami, FL)- Their SpeechMED solution Makes complicated healthcare instructions understandable to patients and their caregivers regardless of their literacy level or how well they read English. This application is the only one that can communicate with patients in the language they understand. It was specifically developed for seniors and patients with visual impairments.
LiveMetric (Denver, CO) Created World’s first continuous, non-invasive wearable blood pressure monitor highly correlated to the arterial line (2x’s as accurate as the BP cuff). Patients, payers, and providers can track the health of their cardiovascular system using passive wrist-worn technology. This will help improve outcomes and decrease mortality from cardiovascular disease.

Join HITLAB for the Free, all-virtual 2021 Innovator’s Symposium Nov 30-Dec 2 to learn more about the current state and future of digital health and to see the finalists pitch their solutions. Register here:


Established in 1998, HITLAB is a leading evidence-based, healthcare innovation lab specializing in the delivery of world-class digital health research and education. Leading organizations use HITLAB to help them create and evaluate technology-based solutions for pressing healthcare problems around the world. HITLAB collaborates with many stakeholders from both the private and public sectors to develop and disseminate programs, studies, and products that will improve healthcare delivery and access.


HITLAB Breakthrough alliance was formed in collaboration with New York City Economic Development Corporation. Its purpose is to promote the New York City’s digital health ecosystem and accelerate the development of more digital health innovations by generating exclusive, evidence-based research. This subscription-based digital health service is designed to help improve care delivery and health outcomes by verifying new technologies and research. Its members’ perspectives and strategies will drive its mission.

About HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance

HITLAB Breakthrough Alliance, an accelerator that supports early-stage startups in conducting rapid pilot studies to help them test their products and get closer to the market. Pilot studies are conducted with patients and clinical partners to test the technologies of selected startups. This data is used to help them accelerate their ideas. Breakthrough hosts open innovation competitions and networking events to source startups.

Breakthrough relies on membership and its board members are the most respected healthcare organizations.

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