BUSINESS: Earthdeck Launches, Helping Outdoor Enthusiasts Locate the Best Spots for Wildlife

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. The mapping platform and app make it easy to find wildlife with its database searchable by species.

A new website makes it easier to spot wildlife with its searchable database. Earthdeck is a new web-based platform at, that easily allows users to plug in a species of animals they hope to see and returns map results showing where those animals have been sighted. It is designed to help people who want to see wildlife around the globe by providing a simple tool that they can use while on the move.

Earthdeck was created by Jay Van Buiten. Van Buiten, a Wyoming tourist, was keen to observe the local wildlife. He quickly realized that it was not possible to determine the best spots online to see certain species of wildlife. Van Buiten didn’t let his disappointment get to him and instead set about creating for other outdoor enthusiasts, tourists, and others who would face the same problems.


helps users locate wildlife hotspots and pinpoints the exact locations where sightings have taken place. The database will return a map showing past sightings. Users just need to type the name of the species that they want to see. These sightings maps are based on more than 50 millions of known sightings of hundreds if animal species around the globe.

Earthdeck can be used for free. It can look up almost any species of wildlife, including birds and mammals.

” When I visited Wyoming last year, my search for a website that would help me find the best spots to spot wildlife began. Van Buiten said that there wasn’t a good solution. Van Buiten stated, “With this in view, I created It maps over 50 million animal sightings in order to help you discover any species you wish to see in the wild.” It’s the best way to discover wildlife around the world and gain a new appreciation of nature

To learn more, visit You can also download the mobile app for iOS from the App Store.


Jay Van Buiten

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About Earthdeck

Earthdeck is a web platform that shows maps of observations in order to help users discover the best places for wildlife discovery.

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