COLLEGE SPORTS: College Basketball Rankings November 22: Top 5 Purdue – Hammer And Rails

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What a weekend for Purdue. The Boilers got a very nice win over North Carolina on Saturday, then unleashed holy hell in the final 7 minutes to come back against one of the best teams in America over the last five years. Purdue has never been ranked No. 1 in the history of the program, but with some help this coming week, it could happen next week. If Gonzaga beats UCLA this week, but loses to Duke, Purdue might move to No. 1 for the first time ever after reaching No. 3 this week.

Purdue even received a first place vote for the first time since the February 5, 2018 poll (where it was third behind Virginia and Villanova). Purdue has not been as high as No. 2 since 1988, but because Gonzaga plays UCLA this week it will very likely be at least No. 2 next week assuming we beat Omaha.

And let’s face it, if we lose to Omaha, drop us out entirely.

Gonzaga (55) 1,515
UCLA (5) 1,443
Purdue (1) 1,391
Kansas 1,354
Duke 1,225
Baylor 1,154
Villanova 1,090
Texas 1,083
Memphis 1,0002
Kentucky 880
Alabama 880
Houston 861
Arkansas 754
Illinois 624
Tennessee 558
St. Bonaventure 517
Arizona 474
BYU 449
Auburn 374
Michigan 367
Seton Hall 363
Connecticut 342
Florida 294
USC 138
Xavier 102

Others receiving votes: Oregon 96, Virginia Tech 91, Ohio State 89, North Carolina 75, Indiana 45, Michigan State 44, Marquette 41, Colorado State 30, Maryland 28, Texas Tech 26, LSU 6, Iowa 6, Mississippi State 4, Florida State 4, Drake 2, George Mason 1, San Francisco 1, Ohio 1, Loyola Chicago 1

The Coaches Poll will be out shortly.

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