AFRICA NEWS: Sudan: Defiant mass marches continue across Sudan

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Khartoum – Tens of thousands took to the streets across Sudan yesterday to reject any negotiations or partnership with the leaders in the coup. They also rejected the deal signed in Khartoum yesterday by Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan (leader of the military junta) and Sudan’s Prime Minster Abdallah Hamdok to restore democracy to the country in accordance with the Constitutional Document.

Military forces used tear gas heavily against peaceful protestors who congregated at the Republican Palace in Khartoum, Bahri El Mouasasa and Bahri El Khartoum.

Demonstrations continued in the vicinity of the Republican Palace amid hit and run between the military forces and the demonstrators, before withdrawing and joining the demonstrations in El Sitteen Street and Burri.

Khartoum saw large demonstrations on El Sitteen Street. Burri, El Sahafa and Jabra were also present. Omdurman was there for processions along El Shaheed Abdelazim Street among others. There were also large marches in Khartoum North/Bahri.

Participants chanted slogans decrying any partnership or negotiation with the coup leaders, and demanding civilian rule.

Protest marches were held in Dongola and Atbara as well as Wad Madani, Sennar Ed Damazin Rabak, El Obeid, and Sennar. Demonstrations took place in Nyala and Zalingei in Darfur as well as in eastern Sudan’s Port Sudan and Kassala and El Gedaref.

More mass Marches of the Millions are planned for Thursday, November 25.

A poster created by the North Kordofan Teachers Committee to promote yesterday’s March of Millions


The Socialist Doctors Association reported the death of protester called Yousef from El Sawra Block 13 in Omdurman from a gunshot wound to the head.

In a field report, The Association stated that three protesters suffered various injuries. These included suffocation, a hit to the head with tear gas cylinders, and a leg injury from live ammunition in Omdurman.

Five activists were injured in Jabra by live ammunition.

During the protests in Rabak, Mazen Abdelbagi, a student from White Nile State was hit in the head with a tear gas cylinder.

The Unified Doctors Bureau announced that the military forces continued “their blatant attacks on hospitals and health facilities”. According to the statement, tear gas was used inside Khartoum Teaching hospital “without regard for the sanctity and the safety of the hospital or the needs of the sick and injured”.

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