BUSINESS: Nestle Health Science Partners With Healint To Initiate A Virtual Study On Ketogenic Treatments For Migraines

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Nov 20, 2021, 19: 49 ET

SINGAPORE, Nov. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nestle Health Science (NHSc) has initiated a study looking into the effectiveness of a ketogenic nutritional supplement in reducing migraine attacks. The fully virtual study, taking place in Quebec, Canada, is investigating the effectiveness of a ketogenic nutritional supplement developed by Nestle in reducing the number, intensity, and duration of migraines in people with episodic migraines.

This fully virtual study has been approved for conduct in the Canadian province of Quebec, with scientific and regulatory support from the Food & Nutrition Group within Intertek Assuris and is powered by a dedicated module within the Migraine Buddy app developed by Healint. DIEX Recherche is executing the clinical operations. The trial is being managed by the Nestle Research Clinical Research Unit. Nestle’s first fully remote clinical trial of central nervous system conditions is possible. 1

The digital platform allows participants in the province of Quebec to be screened, recruited, and tracked in real-time across the five-month study, all from a single, easy-to-use, virtual interface. The digital aspect also reduces human error and speeds up data collection and cleaning.

“Migraines can be seriously incapacitating for sufferers, affecting every aspect of their lives,” said Stephanie Blum, Global Head of Translation Research for Nestle Health Science. We have seen promising evidence that migraines can be reduced by increasing brain energy metabolism (for example, with ketones). Nestle Health Science has created a fully virtual clinical trial to enhance patient experience. This will make it easier for patients to participate in trials and open the door to digital clinical studies in nutritional medicine.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need and benefit for clinical trials to go fully virtual; there are multiple cost efficiencies and benefits to a fully remote clinical trial which technology platforms like Migraine Buddy can facilitate,” said Francois Cadiou, CEO of Healint.

“We believe mobile health has the potential for revolutionizing the way clinical trials are delivered,” said Cadiou. We are thrilled that Nestle Health Science has partnered with us to allow remote clinical trials and to promote inclusion. “

Migraine, which is the sixth most severe illness worldwide, affects approximately a billion people. More than half of all migraine sufferers are never diagnosed, while 15% of those diagnosed with migraine experience more than five attacks per month. Considering that 75% of the migraine population is female and that prevalence peaks between the ages for 18 and 44, the burden of migraine falls most heavily on women of childbearing age. Migraine can be described as a severe headache, with nausea, vomiting, and photophobia. 2 It has detrimental effects on daily activities, it reduces quality of life and impairs productivity with limited participation in professional, academic, and social settings.

About Nestle Health Science

Nestle Health Science is a leader in the science of nutrition and a globally managed business unit of Nestle. We believe nutrition can help people live healthier lives. Nestle Health Science is a globally managed business unit that offers a wide range of scientific-based, active nutrition, medical nutrition, and pharmaceutical solutions. Nestle’s extensive research network with partners and within Nestle’s R&D centres provides the basis for products that help people live healthier lives. Headquartered in Switzerland, we have more than 11,000 employees around the world, with products available in more than 140 countries.

About DIEX Recherche

DIEX Recherche is a rapidly growing clinical research company with five sites in the province of Quebec. They have more than 50 ongoing studies and more than 40 studies to come in various therapeutic areas, such as memory loss, cardiovascular disease, vaccine, women’s health, dermatology, liver disease and many more. For more information about the company, visit

About Healint

Healint Pte Ltd is a leading healthcare technology company that is transforming how patients manage chronic central nervous system (CNS) conditions and how companies conduct clinical trials. Healint uses the most recent innovations in software, data science, and user experience design to put healthcare in patients’ hands and enable them to participate in the discovery and development of new treatments. Healint allows companies to conduct virtual studies to improve the quality of data and lower barriers to entry for qualified patients. Over three million people have engaged with the company’s first global program, the Migraine Buddy platform. Find out more at

About Intertek Assuris

The Food & Nutrition Group within Intertek Assuris is a global leader in delivering expert scientific, toxicological, and regulatory consulting services. Multi-disciplinary team of regulatory and scientific experts assists companies in obtaining regulatory approvals for food and dietary supplements ingredients.

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