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Did you know that some of the best pilots never leave the ground? Verizon pilots drones for many purposes. This is because we want to increase the safety, efficiency, and accuracy of our work. Today’s Up To Speed will examine some of these uses and discuss where the technology is heading.

Eyes up in the sky

One group that finds drones useful is the Verizon Response Team . Chris Sanders, Crisis Response Team Manager, stated that drones offer a level of situational awareness that few other tools can provide. “That could involve setting up a temporary network in an area where there is none, or giving eyes in the sky to search-and-rescue teams.”

One common scenario involves sending a drone to inspect our many hundreds of antenna towers. The drone takes dozens of photos and then processes them with software to create a 3D model. This allows for the identification of issues that are not visible from the ground.

Fly with us.

Do you or your team have a need for a drone? Refer to the Verizon Drone Handbook for our guidelines and requirements for pilots. Dustin Schocken from Drone Safety & Standards said, “If you want an idea of how you need to do it, it’s going facilitating your adoption.” It will protect you and ensure you are in compliance with federal regulations. If you have a need to use drones but you don’t know where to start, this is your easy button.”

The handbook is the result of many hours of research and discussion. Chris said, “What Verizon does is create a program for standardization and safety that sets a high bar for other companies in this space.”

Building towards a brighter future.

While drone work is already proving to be a huge success, it is likely that more is yet to come. Dustin stated that it’s the future that drones will be used for, and that the success of the current work with drones is dependent on our ability to comply with the rules. This is the crawl phase. Later, we can walk and then we can run. And the run phase is where I get really excited.”

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