RELIGION: Edir Macedo is accused of illegally transporting millions on his jet

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RELIGION: The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Angola was taken over by a rebel group. According to the dissidents, the institution’s Brazilian leaders illegally withdraw US$120 million annually from the country. Amount that exceeds 620 million reais at the current rate.

“The image to represent what was happening in Angola was that of a bag with no bottom: everything that went in came out,” said former Angolan pastor Armando Tavares.

One of the main defendants is the pastor and former director of Record Africa, Fernando Henrique Teixeira, who arrived in Angola eleven years ago and started the operation of sending tithes and offerings at the border.

Every three months the direction of the church organizes to send a shipment of US$ 30 million, through a logistical scheme ingenious, according to the rebels. The accuser group also admitted that it carried out document fraud to remove the Brazilian leadership from the institution.

According to the group, part of the illegal remittances of money was through car trips to Johannesburg, in South Africa. The dollars were hidden in suitcases, linings and even in tires.

Soon, Teixeira traveled by plane to South Africa, stayed in a hotel, and collected the money that arrived to transfer to the Brazilian bishop, Marcelo Pires.

From Johannesburg the values ​​were taken to Portugal. Bishop Edir Macedo would have been responsible for this transport, in his private jet, on many occasions.
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