HEALTH: Mayo Clinic Minute – Sharpen Your Knife Skills To Avoid Injury

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The holidays can make the kitchen chaotic. Kitchen knife mishaps are possible due to all the baking, cooking, and food preparation.

Experts from Mayo Clinic discuss how to avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room for a knife injury.

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People tend to cook more around holidays. This can cause more hand injuries.

” We’ve seen patients who, unfortunately, have stuck a knife through the hand because it slipped,” said Dr. Sanj Kakar ,, a Mayo Clinic orthopedist. These injuries are common during the holidays. “

Dr. Kakar warns that kitchen knife injuries can be severe, even fatal.

It’s very complex. We are concerned about injuries to bones and hand fractures. But there are other concerns, such as if we cut tendon, the rope that moves our fingers and hands, nerve injury, or blood vessel injury. “

Before you attempt to carve that difficult autumn vegetable, ensure you are using the correct technique. Jen Welper, Executive Chef at Mayo Clinic, explains the common mistakes people make when using a knife.

” Don’t just go straight down with your blade. Welper suggests that you just make contact with the knife and then push it down.

She says that sharp knives can be used to cut into the food. This will require less pressure and help prevent it from slipping.

Some other tips to avoid hand injuries include:

Slice away from your hand and keep your fingers clear of the blade.
Never use the palm of your hand as a cutting board.
Keep your eyes on your cutting. Avoid alcohol and distractions.


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