GOOGLE: Community And Mentorship Help Women Entrepreneurs Thrive

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EngageRocket co-founder Dorothy Yiu and her husband were eagerly expecting the arrival of their first baby. As Dorothy was about to begin her maternity leave, she felt guilty. She hesitated to leave her job responsibilities, her team, and the company she had been putting her heart into.

EngageRocket — a Singaporean company that helps companies improve their employees’ experiences at work — recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. Dorothy, who is now pregnant with her second baby, said that those five years were a period of personal growth and self-discovery. She has learned to be focused on the important things and to let go of self-inflicted feelings like inadequacy. But she also realized how important it was to have open discussions about the stigma, insecurity, and imposter syndrome that many women working in this field are facing.

Today, on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, stories like Dorothy’s are important reminders that there is still much more work to be done to empower women and girls so they can become confident entrepreneurs and equal participants in business. Promoting diversity and equal opportunity is not only a good thing, but it can also have a positive financial impact. Women Research by Grow with Google shows that closing the entrepreneurial gender gap can boost the global economy to as high as $5 trillion.

The Women Founders Academy cohort of 2021 recently celebrated their graduation

EngageRocket is one of 10 recent graduates from the APAC Women Founders Academy Program by Google for Startups. During this 12-week program, the founders received training and mentoring from Googlers across the region to help sharpen their leadership skills and address their unique growth needs, including funding. Participants emphasized the importance of mentors and communities in helping them to gain knowledge, overcome mental obstacles and build confidence.

Many of the participants noted that it is important to see beyond gender lines and acknowledge people’s accomplishments as professionals and entrepreneurs, and not just as women, in order to create true equity. Dorothy agrees wholeheartedly. Today, 50% of EngageRocket’s senior management team are women, all of them working mothers. She is a strong leader and determined to create an open and flexible culture within the company that allows everyone to manage their priorities at work as well as in their personal lives.

At Google, we are committed to supporting more women like Dorothy in their success and growth. It’s one of our most powerful actions to create new opportunities and jobs, advance equality, and help us all to enjoy an inclusive economic recovery.

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