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Halo Infinite cars continue the series’ rich history of combat that comes not only from the barrel of a gun but also from the controls of quads, trucks and VTOLs. There are many Halo Infinite vehicles, including both classic Spartan vehicles like the Warthog and a fleet of Banished vehicles that can be commandeered on the larger maps. We’ll be breaking down each Halo Infinite vehicle so you can know what to expect when they get behind you–or hiding from the hail of gunfire.

M12 Warthog

Ask someone to name a vehicle from Halo, and they’ll most likely think of this one first.

The signature vehicle of Halo, this humvee-like transport truck seats three and sports some firepower on the back. The standard Warthog, the M12, comes equipped with a turret gun on the back which requires a player to control it in-hand, but that can be the driver if they swap seats momentarily. The alternate take on the Warthog, the M12R, swaps out the turret gun for a stationary rocket launcher, and almost humorously, neither requires a cooldown, so you can just keep firing away–until you’re grenaded anyway.

M290 Mongoose

“…So I started blastin’. “

This quad-bike is extremely nimble and manages to seat two. It’s found in every game that takes place on any of Halo’s Big Team Battle map’s, just like the Warthog or the forthcoming Razorback. It too features an alternate, more offensive option in the M290-M Gungoose (yes, really). While the Gungoose still has a pair Spartans, it also features front-facing automatic rifles. These guns act like Danny Devito and blast at everything in their path.

M808 Scorpion

If you see this, it may already be too late.

One look at the Scorpion tells the whole story: It’s the UNSC’s tank, built to level anything in its path with relative ease. The Scorpion is a rare, mid-game drop in Halo Infinite.

M15 Razorback

Though this is essentially a Warthog without the firepower, it also includes a unique feature that might just make it the most valuable vehicle in all of Halo Infinite. The turret that was on the back of the Warthog is gone. Instead, there’s a fourth seat and cargo space. It has a trunk-like rear that can hold up to two power seeds per round of Stockpile. You can also store the flag in a round Capture The Flag. It’s precisely why we’ve called it out as the best way to play those modes.

AV-49 Wasp

This single-seat vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) war machine is currently considered to be the most overpowered vehicle in the game. You won’t find them all in matches, but they will be there if you do. Though vehicles can be deactivated using some of Halo Infinite’s best guns, a lot of players don’t seem to have the time or know-how to do that, which helps keep your bird of prey in the air, firing its dual front-facing guns at the little red dots down below. It’s a smart way of traveling without having to reveal your location, such as if you are standing on the wing holding the flag or power seed.


Of the Banished vehicles in Halo Infinite, I admit the Ghost is my favorite. The one-seat hoverbike has front-facing dual energy guns. Although it may sound older than the Gungoose, it is much faster thanks to its boost feature, which is common among baddies vehicles. Its wider frame is ideal for clipping Spartans at the kneecaps.


A lot of Banished vehicles act as funhouse mirror reflections of the UNSC vehicles, and in the case of the Banshee, you’ll find it’s akin to the Wasp. It seats one person and can fly with its offensive weapons. However, the Banshee is more agile due to its boost feature and its ability do barrel rolls and flips. The Banshee is more likely to survive in a dogfight.


The Wraith hovers like the Ghost, which feels like more of a technological feat given that it’s a massive tank. The Wraith, like its Scorpion counterparts, provides the largest boom. However, it is very rare to see one on your map. You should make a mad dash to grab a Wraith if it is dropped mid-game. It can change the tide of battle with its powerful turret missiles.

Brute Chopper

This visually-striking motorcycle would look more at home in Gears of War thanks to its threatening front end that features a massive frame and sharpish tank-like locomotion track–the red paint helps too, to be honest. The unique steering system allows it to turn at a moment’s notice and, like all Banished vehicles, has front-facing guns. It feels more like a lawnmower than any other Halo Infinite vehicle, which is useful when Spartans grow like weeds.

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