GAMING: GTA 6 Rumors Are Flying Again, All Due To This GTA Trilogy Photo

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Some fans believe an image from Grand Theft Auto VI has been hidden in the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Definitive ,, despite not having any evidence. It is possible to see a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas house that is not in the original version. This has caused some debate in the GTA community with many suggesting the house may be a tease for GTA VI.

The image of the house (you can see the original version and an artificially touched-up version in the tweet below) is located in the UFO-themed Lil’ Probe’Inn. There are tons of photos on the walls of the building, many of which include the GTA VI image. The image was first shared on GTAForums, with fans immediately declaring that the image is from the new GTA game.

The reason people seem to think that the image is a tease for GTA VI is that the picture appears, at least to the fans, to exist within the RAGE engine, which Rockstar develops its games with. Because the GTA trilogy is built in the Unreal Engine the house doesn’t belong in the game. Fans claimed that the house is not found in GTA , and that the driveway and palm trees would be appropriate for a typical Miami house.

While all of this information is speculation, the fans on GTAForums seem pretty convinced that this image is a tease for GTA VI. A report earlier this year said that GTA VI will not be released until 2025, so this would be a very early tease for that game if it really is an intentional tease. There have been many GTAVI rumors and fan theories. . The GTA Trilogy has had a rough launch, resulting in Rockstar pledging to fix the games’ issues and putting the original versions back up for sale on the PC.

In GameSpot’s review of GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition, critic Justin Clark gave it a 4/10, writing, “The more important question is whether these Definitive Editions are the ideal way to experience the trilogy, and that is a resounding “Hell no.” No matter how impressive the feature list may be, these ports are not better than the others. It is hard to not think about the games this trilogy would inspire, such as Mafia and Saints Row, Yakuza and Sleeping Dogs, and how each series has been preserved, updated, or maintained. Fans are outraged that the Godfather in open-world crime sagas is being outclassed in this regard. It’s raining outside, thankfully. “

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