RELIGION: Pastor is killed by Muslim extremists in Uganda not closing church

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RELIGION: On October 26, Muslim extremists killed Pastor Stephen Lugwire in eastern Uganda after he refused to remove the church building.

The pastor’s property was in Bunangwe, a predominantly Muslim area in Nangonde, Namutumba district. Before being attacked, the attackers told the pastor that he “would face the wrath of Ala.”

Stephen, 58, went to his fields with his 23-year-old daughter around 6:30 pm, there he was killed while untying his sheep from a tree trunk.

RELIGION: The Murder

His daughter Brenda Lugwire said that three men dressed in Islamic garb approached the pastor and yelled at him. he in an unknown language. They were carrying knives and sharp objects, one of them shouted that the religious leader was a “kafir”, meaning an infidel who had harmed the Ala religion.

“We told you to remove the church near our mosque, but you didn’t listen to our message. Today you will face the wrath of Ala,” one of the attackers told the pastor .

Brenda told the family and the police about the attack. The next day they found the body with deep cuts on the neck and chest. Relatives reported that a Muslim woman was arrested for helping the attackers after the murder.

Extremists are still at large. Pastor Lugwire left behind his wife, one son and seven daughters, according to the Morning Star.
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