GAMING: Destiny 2 Is Getting Huge Grenade And Melee Changes During 30th Anniversary

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The latest This Week At Bungie blog post is hefty, preparing Guardians for the changes coming to Destiny 2 with the Bungie 30th Anniversary event on December 7. Bungie developers note that some abilities may need to be tweaked in Crucible and the player vs. environmental activities, based on feedback received from the Destiny community. Below is a brief overview of the changes coming in December.

Grenade Changes

One primary change is grenade cooldowns for all classes. The subclass menu will allow players to view the base cooldown for their abilities. Players can view their individual cooldowns by checking the stats screen for each character.

The Hunter’s Arc Flux grenade will have 182 seconds cooldown instead of 82, and detonation damage from sticking the grenade on an opponent is a one-shot kill. The Flux grenade can stick to any surface. Damage is also increased in PvE by 15% from the base damage increase. Throw speed is up by 117%.

The Warlock Solar Firebolt grenade has increased damage in PvE by 15%, but damage per bolt will reduce from 90 to 60. The cooldown for the Firebolt grenade will be 64 seconds instead of 82.

Keep in mind that a base cooldown is the cooldown time at tier 3 because player’s get penalized for having stats below that. Also, all grenades will have increased damage by 15% in PvE.

Grenades will be more powerful in PvE than in player vs. player activities because Bungie wants Crucible to focus on weapon combat. TWAB states that PvP energy regeneration has been tuned separately from their base values for PvE, and this is not changing. “

Stasis Crystals

Stasis Crystals freeze, block, and damage opponents and combatants, but major changes are coming to how they work in PvP. Crucible: Stasis will freeze opponents rather than slow them down. Also, Stasis crystals will do less damage when they shatter by about 55%. RIP Shatterdive.

These changes don’t apply to PvE. Stasis crystals will do more damage against combatants by approximately 60%.

Melee Abilities

So, Shatterdive. Bungie clearly states in the TWAB, “Stasis Crystal modifications earlier mean that Hunter Revenant’s Shatterdive now almost never kills a full-health Guardian.” There is a rare chance that a Hunter will be able to pull off a deadly Shatterdive with certain Fragments and Aspects.

Like Shatterdive losing its one-hit kill potential, Titans will no longer be able to kill players with single Shoulder Charge melees. Sprint activation will take less than. 25 seconds, but the range will increase by about one meter. Increased cooldowns for Arc, Void and Solar Shoulder Charges have been added. The area of effect for all three classes is decreased.

Warlocks will be able to melee multiple times as quickly as Hunters and Titans, but the melee range will decrease to match the other classes. The Handheld Supernova won’t one-shot PvP players. The Handheld Supernova will deal a max of 150 damage, but the projectile range will increase by two meters.

Subclass Perks

Additional subclass perks for the Striker, Stormcaller, Dawnblade, Gunslinger, Voidwalker, and the Whisper of Shards Stasis fragment will have their ability regeneration reduced by almost 50%. You can see the list in the TWAB.

The Hunter dodge is also seeing some changes. For starters, the dodge will not break projectile tracking. The Marksman Dodge and Gambler’s Dodge tier 10 cooldowns will increase by a few seconds. The base cooldown for Marksman will be the same but Gambler’s will go up by 9 seconds.

The Titan barricades are getting adjustments too. The Towering Barricade’s base cooldown will be 40 seconds instead of 37. The Rally Barricade’s base cooldown will reduce to 32 seconds.

The Warlock’s Bleak Watcher Stasis Aspect will get a cooldown increase due to Stasis grenades all having different cooldown times. Bungie states, “While Bleak Watcher has been equipped, all Stasis Grenades are charged at Glacier Grenade rates. “

The TWAB also goes over changes for Supers and Super perks on December 7, when the Bungie 30 Anniversary event begins. When The Witch Queen expansion launches, Bungie plans to update the Void subclass for all classes as well.

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