BUSINESS: Roben Allong, First Black Female President of Qualitative Research Consultants Association,

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*QRCA is a worldwide collaborative community that provides research professionals with unparalleled education, thought leadership, and networking opportunities.

The Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), a global community of qualitative research professionals, is proud to announce its 2021-2022 Board of Directors President, Roben Allong. Renowned for her professional research background and unparalleled eye for innovative strategies, Roben Allong is the first woman of color to serve as President of QRCA since its founding in 1982. Joining the QRCA in 2007, Allong served as Vice President,Treasurer and Secretary on the Board of Directors. She is Chair of the NY-NJ Metropolitan Area Chapter and Board Liaison for the Inclusive Culture Committee. This is QRCA’s DEI initiative. Lightbeam Communications is a New York-based market research and strategy firm founded by Allong.

She will be QRCA’s second Black President. She is the first woman of colour to hold this position in QRCA’s thirty-eight-year history. J. Robert Harris, Founder & CEO of JRH Marketing Services and Co-Founder of QRCA, served as the organization’s president from 1987 to 1989.

The vision of the QRCA has been to increase the trust in qualitative research for decades. It does this by encouraging thought leadership, cutting-edge education, and foster an open, idea-sharing community. The QRCA is a pioneering force in innovation and champion for cultivating lasting industry change. Roben Allong will lead the QRCA in the current social climate. Roben’s cutting-edge approach examines consumer attitudes and behavior through a series cultural codes and typologies that provide deeper insight, especially into micro-cultures.

Former President of QRCA Lynn Greenberg, Lynn Greenberg Associates states of Allong: “Roben’s exceptional leadership skills will enhance QRCA’s leadership role in qualitative research with its ‘all things qualitative’ focus. She is an innovator, visionary and strategist who can also motivate. Upon joining QRCA, her unique program ideas with stellar implementations revitalized the NY Chapter in the early 2000s. QRCA’s global membership has benefited from her foresight championing programs for our growing inclusive community representing all aspects of qualitative research without compromising our unique camaraderie”.

She is a respected thought-leader in qualitative market research. She has presented at many of the nation’s top universities and conferences, as well as writing several editor’s choices articles about culture and BIPOC research for two years. Roben’s cultural insight and expertise helps brands make informed business decisions that will lead to growth and profitability.

“I am honored to be taking on the role of QRCA Board President for 2021-2022. I’m committed to reviving the qualitative flame across the globe and making QRCA and industry more inclusive to reflect what’s happening in the real world. While there have been and continue to be upheavals that are impacting consumers and brands, QRCA’s dedication to giving a voice to all consumers as well as connecting, educating, and advancing the profession remains our top priority.”

In addition to Allong, the 2021-2022 Board of Directors includes Farnaz Badie of The Thought Bubble, Susan Fader of FaderFocus, Corette Haf of Corporate Research Consultancy, Pam Goldfarb Liss of LitBrains – Igniting Ideas!, Cynthia Harris of 8: 28 Consulting, Michael Mermelstein of G2 & Associates, Joel Reish of Cox Automotive Inc., and Anya Zadrozny of AnyaZMedia.

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About Roben Allong

Roben allong is a New York-based detail researcher, engaging focus group moderator and innovative strategy expert. He is also the founder of Lightbeam, which provides microcultural insights and strategic advice. Launched in 2013, Lightbeam has since emerged as a trusted resource and pop culture curator for companies in numerous verticals and product categories, including automotive, liquor, packaged goods, beauty, personal care, food and beverage, insurance, retail, energy, transportation, and healthcare. Roben’s proprietary transformative approach has helped various Fortune 500 companies better understand culture and its growing impact on consumers and their bottomline. Roben is a Cornell University alumna. Her seasoned expertise has led her to the position of President of Qualitative Research Consultants Association. Follow Roben’s cultural musings via Instagram and Twitter.

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