CANADA NEWS: Canada storm: Floods could cause shortages across the country

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We feel isolated from the rest of Canada, morally speaking. Every Vancouver resident I spoke to felt that this cut them off from Canada, not only physically but also emotionally. We can all agree that climate change is real. But we don’t feel like the rest Canada understands this. People have said things like “try a Toronto winter” and other similar statements.

I’m in Vancouver and the main way I’m affected is the supply chain disruption and panic buying. Although we have the port here, there is limited rail access to the port inland and airports. Although it isn’t too bad in Vancouver, toilet paper has become scarce and fresh fruits are difficult to find. I will definitely be stocking up in canned goods. You can see the empty stores in Canada if you watch any videos.

In my area, there have been torrential rainfalls and strong winds. Due to the floods and winds, I’ve experienced power outages for several hours. Some people’s have been longer. One colleague lost power for the whole day. Others have received evacuation notices from colleagues and I’ve had the responsibility of covering them. I’ve been fairly lucky working from home, but I think this is just the beginning...

The Coquihalla is the main BC highway that has been damaged. It has been there since the 80s. This is the first time it has ever happened. It could take months to fix. Many farmers have lost their livelihoods. So we’re feeling worried.

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