OPINION: Democrat Wants Employers To Let Black Workers Take Day Off After Rittenhouse Verdict

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File this under “Truth is stranger than fiction.” We have now reached a point where Democrats are calling for black workers to receive time off work because of the verdict in a case where white people were killed by a white person.

Gregory McKelvey, vice chairman of the Oregon Democrats Black Caucus and host of the podcast Your Neighborhood Black Friends, thinks employers should give black employees “a day or two off” after the Rittenhouse verdict is announced.

This is not wokeness. This is just stupid. It’s almost insulting to blacks.

“Employers, consider giving your Black employees a day or two off after the Rittenhouse verdict,” McKelvey tweeted . “Regardless of the outcome, it’s going to be hard for Black people to work and it isn’t fair to expect them to.”

In the Rittenhouse trial, the accused is not black. The victims are not black. The lawyers are not black. The judge is not black.

It is hogwash to assert that the trial or verdict has any meaningful effect on the black community. And I am guessing that, outside the fever swamps of cable news, the overwhelming majority of black people do not even care about the trial or its outcome.

Only in America can you find a person who feels the black community is so traumatized by a white teenager shooting white people in self-defense that they need mental health days off from work.

This epitomizes the lazy, fragile, cowardly, race-obsessed sycophancy of the Democratic Party. They pretend to care about and help the black community, but their actions do irreparable harm.

Several black Republicans took issue with McKelvey’s statement. Former California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder found the statement nonsensical and hypocritical. “How many white people were given the day off after a jury allowed double murderer O.J. Simpson to walk?” Elder told me.

YG Nyghtstorm , the Godchild of Dr. Alveda King and candidate for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, was also very critical of the tweet.

“So a white kid that defends himself from other white people attacking him from other white people is somehow white supremacy,” Nyghtstorm said. “This is ridiculous, and to say that black people are too emotionally weak where we cannot go to work due to his verdict is just plain stupid. I’ve seen racism, and this ain’t it.”

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