SCIENCE NEWS: Spider-Man’s new suit power in No Way Home may have leaked

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The Spider-Man – No Way Home buzz has reached an all-time high after Sony and Marvel announced that the second trailer would be made available to fans by this week. Instead of posting the trailer on YouTube and seeing it smash all records, the No way home marketing people have devised a clever plan . Trailer 2 will only play in one theater on Tuesday afternoon. We can only hope that it will soon hit YouTube. This is the kind of event that will drive up No way home speculation. It’s not as though Sony and Marvel have to come up with any tricks to get fans to see the film. Spider-Man Secrets were leaked left throughout the year. The newest leak could explain one of the early No Way Home mysteries, Spider-Man’s new suit and its seemingly magical powers.

Please note that this is not a Tobey Maguire leak. Big No Way Home spoilers might follow below.

Spidey fans who have been keeping track of No Way Home leaks and spoilers throughout the year might remember the simpler times of mid-summer 2021. There was no trailer at the time. In an interview, Alfred Molina had provided all the infamous No way home secrets HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML7_ HTML8_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML7_ HTML5_ HTML6_ Leaks revealed that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will appear in the movie. These leaks were further confirmed by Molina’s comments. We lacked the clarity that we now have .

A series of images that showed unreleased toys from the movie was one of the biggest No way home leaks of the summer. Marvel quickly confirmed them without answering any of the obvious questions.

Spider-Man Integrated Suit Funko toy. Image source: Marvel Studios

SCIENCE NEWS: The No Way Home Spider-Man suit leaks of the summer

The toys kept referring to the Spider-Man Integrated Suit but we didn’t know what it was. It was a new Spider-Man power that enabled Peter Parker to emit some energy from his wrists. It wasn’t the typical web-like substance Spider-Man might use to sling around in movies.

The Integrated Suit was featured in Funko toys and figurines as well as Lego sets. We also saw several Spider-Man suits leaking for Peter Parker. That includes the puzzling black-and-gold suit — we now have an explanation for it, and it’s hilarious.

Separately, early No way home plot leaked that Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), would infuse Peter’s suit using some kind of magic. Although it sounds crazy, we knew that No Way Back would be a multiverse movie. We also knew that Strange would appear in it. These toys featured Strange as well, including a Strange version that looks exactly like the one in the Sanctum trailers.

We hadn’t forgotten the Spider-Man power and the Integrated Suit. This detail has not been revealed in any recent leaks. Since the trailer’s premiere in mid-August, we have seen a flurry of No Way home leaked videos.

Hasbro’s “Spider-Man Iron Spider Integration Suit.” Image source: Marvel Studios

SCIENCE NEWS: Spider-Man’s newest power is actual magic

According to One Take News, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will indeed have a new power in the movie. Or at least in one part of the movie. It will be magical, if the source is correct. It all has to do with the multiverse issues that arose after Strange experimented with Peter’s spell.

One Take News states that Doctor Strange transforms the Iron Spider web-shooters to a magical bracelet. Peter can add the bracelet any Spider-Man suit, including the black-and-gold or the integrated model.

Peter may use the magic web-shooter briefly, just as he plans to cross Doctor Strange. The magical power’s purpose is to collect multiverse villains and teleport them into Strange’s prison.

We know from multiple leaks that Peter will be the one to free Strange’s prisoners. Doctor Strange is rumored to have taken Peter’s new suit power. This will occur before we see the train sequence, when we see the two Avengers fight in the trailer. According to the report, the magical suit attachment won’t be seen again in the movie. This is understandable considering the three Spider-Men versions wearing similar web-slingers should not have any problems capturing them. This kind of battle is not satisfying.

We can’t guarantee that these plot details are correct as there have been MCU leaks. But One Take News has provided No Way Home details before, including Paula Newsome’s identity in the movie. That leak seemed to confirm older Spider-Man 3 plot leaks.

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