BUSINESS: ChopValue Signs Multiunit Expansion Agreement For The UK With Tom Davies, Premier League’s Leading Reformmaker

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ChopValue, the world’s first circular economy franchise that manufactures sustainable solutions engineered from recycled chopsticks, is excited to announce the signing of a multi-unit development deal for the United Kingdom. After recent announcements about their Asia Microfactory and US locations, ChopValue’s European master franchise is the next step.

ChopValue UK will be brought to life with the local vision of Tom Davies, the youngest player in Everton FC’s history to captain the team. While football may have placed Davies in the limelight, it was important for him not only to use his platform to advocate for other topics that mattered to him but also to get out of his comfort zone as an athlete. He became frustrated by the waste in his environment as a child and eventually developed a deep desire to help solve it. Davies started to research the subject more deeply and discovered the circular economy concept. He met Felix Bock, the founder and CEO of ChopValue. Bock and Davies instantly connected with each other’s shared goal of solving the problem of excessive waste in society. Bock shared their ideas and Davies returned home with a plan. He also received information about ChopValue’s potential in the UK. Davies was also equipped with a ChopValue cuttingboard (which passed his mom’s “redbeet stain test ”).). Davies felt confident in the unique engineered material and the solution provided by it, and was motivated to bring ChopValue’s Microfactory concept to Britain.

“People believe they cannot make an impact as individuals, but I want this belief to change,” Davies says. ChopValue makes it easy to educate consumers about the tangible impact we can make together. Because the UK is a small country with significant landfill problems, diverting waste is an important first move. Recycling products can help solve one of the most pressing environmental problems in the world. They also provide a sustainable future for a world that has a growing population and limited natural resources. To me, the circular concept of ChopValue showcases how we meet the current needs of our population without compromising the ability to do the same for future generations.” Davies’s sentiment aligns with the pledge from 100+ leaders at the COP26 to end deforestation by 2030, and ChopValue’s solution to wooden products without cutting down a single tree.

ChopValue UK is a Community Interest Company that will develop multiple locations in the UK and Ireland over the next few years. Davies is keen to open the first Microfactory in Liverpool, his hometown. He is also committed to spreading knowledge about closing the loop. The Microfactory aligns with Davies’s desire to give back to the community through creating jobs and donating funds for causes that address pressing issues in the city.

Bock said that listening to Tom talk about his interpretation of ChopValue was inspiring. He is determined to make a difference in his community, and it would be a great opportunity for him to expand the CIC to the UK. “It’s inspiring to see natural leaders such as Tom gearing up for change towards a circular economic system as the new norm — it’s exciting to work with them and their team to lead by example, changing how we think of waste and wasted resources in the simplest way possible: one chopstick at time.”

ChopValue UK will expand to empower small businesses and communities. Their first location will open in early 2022, laying the foundation for a circular economy movement. To learn about opportunities that create an impact or to join their chopstick recycling program, reach out to

About ChopValue

The World Economic Forum forecasts the circular economy to be a $4.5 trillion industry by 2030. ChopValue, the first franchise in circular economy, designs and manufactures products entirely from recycled chopsticks. Since its founding in 2016, ChopValue’s “urban harvesting” approach has saved over 38 million chopsticks from the landfill, turning them into beautiful and sustainable products for the home and office. Forbes, BBC, The Guardian and BBC have all been impressed by their vision to transform “waste” into “resource”. To learn more about their resource-efficient impact for a carbon neutral future, please visit

About Tom Davies

Tom Davies is a professional footballer playing as a midfielder for Everton FC. The youngest captain in the team’s history, he has played for England at every level including England U21’s while holding the coveted position at all age groups. He has amassed 134 English Premier League appearances for Everton and 161 in all competitions at the young age of 23. Tom, who is not one to be constrained by stereotypes, enjoys cooking and skateboarding. He also loves the outdoors and has a passion for sustainability. His platform allows him to reach the world and educate others about the importance of a sustainable future.

Our Commitment to the Circular Economy

With ChopValue’s global network of corporate and franchise Microfactories, the company sources, manufactures, distributes, and employs within local communities. To make the circular economy a reality, they are working with purpose-driven partners who share their values. ChopValue is looking for single and multi-unit franchise partners to help them lead the way in the US states of CA FL, FL, HI and NY. Australia, EU and MENA, Japan, Korea Taiwan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong and the SEA are all possible international expansion markets for ChopValue’s first-of-its kind circular concept. Learn more on how you can make a positive environmental impact in your city by visiting

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