BUSINESS: Berry Signs The Largest Recycled Material Contract As Brand Owner Sustainability Goals Grow And Consumer Demand Grow

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EVANSVILLE, Ind.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Berry Global Group, Inc. (NYSE: BERY) announced today an agreement with PureCycle that will provide Berry with PureCycle’s Ultra-Pure Recycled (UPR) advanced recycled resin. This is the second agreement with Berry based in North America.

North American consumer interest in package sustainability rises

If given the option to buy products with recyclable or compostable packaging, 47% of Americans opt for recyclable products as their first choice, and 20% prefer compostable products. (Ipsos, Aug. 2021)

77% of Americans are concerned about the environmental impact of products they buy, and 78% are more likely to purchase a product that is clearly labeled as environmentally friendly. (Greenprint, April 2021)
64% of consumers say that buying sustainable products makes them feel happy about their purchases (this reaches 72% in the 25-35 age group). (Capgemini Research Institute, July 2020)

As demand for sustainable products grows, customers look to Berry for access to recycled material and packaging design expertise to maintain their brand image and package performance. As a result, Berry continues its leadership position in the converter market for access to recycled plastic material – over 600 million pounds per year by 2025. Berry has material access and is familiar with the design requirements of brands’ products. This combination of material knowledge and product specifications creates opportunities for advanced recycling technology that can be used on the market.

Customers look to Berry to find innovative ways to achieve their sustainability goals. Berry is a trusted partner in sustainable solutions implementation. This is thanks to our technical expertise and access to advanced recycled resin,” stated Tom Salmon, Berry’s Chairman & CEO. Berry’s Chairman and CEO, Tom Salmon, stated that Berry has a strong relationship with top suppliers and is able to offer customers the best access to the most in-demand circular resins.

Berry uses advanced recycling to allow for hard-to-recycle materials to be recycled into food-grade packaging. Post-consumer resin is often not clear enough to satisfy customer demands. However, advanced recycling produces circular resins that are crystal clear and meet all customer requirements.

PureCycle is a revolutionary recycling process that separates color, smell, and contaminants from plastic waste to create ultra-pure recycled propylene. This recycling service transforms plastic waste into virgin-like plastic, closing the loop on reuse. It also makes recycled polypropylene easier to access at scale for companies that want to use a sustainable and recycled resin.

The material will be supplied to Berry in summer 2023 for manufacturing at one of Berry’s ISCC PLUS certified facilities, providing customers with maximum traceability for the materials. Berry previously announced its first three facilities in North America to achieve ISCC PLUS certification.

About Berry

At Berry Global Group, Inc. (NYSE:BERY), we create innovative packaging and engineered products that we believe make life better for people and the planet. Our unrivalled global capabilities, sustainability leadership and deep innovation expertise enable us to serve customers of all sizes worldwide. Harnessing the strength in our diversity and industry leading talent of 47,000 global employees across more than 300 locations we partner with customers to develop, design, and manufacture innovative products with an eye toward the circular economy. Our customers benefit from the solutions we find and the innovations that we create. For more information, visit our website, or connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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