The Real Story of Carbon Capture Technology

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dWeb.News Article from Daniel Webster dWeb.News

Carbon capture and utilization are a new technology that reduces carbon dioxide emissions from all fossil fuel-burning plants. Although it’s not the full solution to stopping climate change, Carbon Capture Technology will play an important part in helping developing countries meet emission reduction goals. Carbon capture and utilization describe the process of capturing carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources and storing them to improve the efficiency of current operations. There are a few ways to store Carbon Dioxide (Carbon Dioxide is described as ‘dirty’ because it is a greenhouse gas). The two most common techniques are through carbon pools and venting.

Oil refinery. Mongstad, Norway.

By Daniel Webster, dWeb.News Publisher

In this Carbon capture technology explained article Carbon Dioxide will be using to enhance agricultural land. Carbon Dioxide has been used in the past, but not to this degree. This new technology will enable new bio-gas generating power plants to function more efficiently and at a lower cost. As this technology becomes more familiar to everyday operations carbon dioxide will no longer just be seen as a cleaner fuel. It will become a regular part of our daily lives.

How does Carbon capture work? Carbon capture starts with removing carbon dioxide from the air. This process is achieved by passing air over large graphite wheels which causes the gas to be caught. These large wheels are then connected to a generator. The generator drives a turbine, and a small but powerful magnetic device is used to keep the gas moving inside the generator. This continuous cycle of energy requires about 3500 metric tons climeworks to produce enough energy to power the entire country.

How does the carbon capture plant benefit our environment? The carbon capture plant reduces the amount of gasses being released into the atmosphere and therefore less carbon dioxide is being emitted into the ground. This helps to protect our soil. A great deal of water and land is also protected by this method.

How do we benefit from it? This technology is not only being used in this country… Carbon capture and its use can be beneficial all over the globe. It can help to…

Where can I find more information about the Carbon capture technology described in this report? There are many Carbon Dioxide neutralization websites on the Internet that provide more information about carbon dioxide. These sites will help you decide if this technology is right for you. If you’re a new investor you may want to investigate other methods of reducing carbon emissions such as… downloading MP3’s, planting trees and… building more greenhouses. There is no doubt that these are all great ways to be green.

Now that you know this type of Carbon capture technology, why wouldn’t you want to use it to… Reduce your own company’s carbon emissions? How about helping to protect the Earth? You may even make some money if the Climeworks project goes ahead and starts harvesting Carbon Dioxide from human activities. This could help them reach their Global Warming Alarmist target. It is believed that once this project starts to deliver Carbon Dioxide it could result in $10 billion of revenue.

What is the next step in this Carbon capture technology? It is hoped that the Chinese government would install carbon dioxide neutralization plants in China. Because they believe man-made carbon emissions are harmful for the planet, other countries will soon follow suit. The only way that we can really solve this problem, is to stop using fossil fuels for our energy. If the Chinese government gets its way, then I can guarantee that a Carbon capture unit at a power station somewhere in the world will start to be used… We all need to stop using fossil fuels and move to renewable sources of energy.

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The post The Real Story of Carbon Capture Technology appeared first on dWeb.News dWeb.News from Daniel Webster Publisher dWeb.News – dWeb Local Tech News and Business News

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