NFL SPORTS: Josh Allen: Bills refuse a ‘bigger deal’ out of blowout win over Chiefs –

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dWeb.News Article from Daniel Webster dWeb.News


The Buffalo Bills blasted the back-to-back defending AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs, pummeling Patrick Mahomes on the road, 38-20.

Only a one-hour weather delay could slow the Bills, as Josh Allen ripped apart a struggling Chiefs defense for 315 yards on just 15 completions (21 yards per completion), three TD passes, 59 yards rushing and another score. The Buffalo defense held Mahomes and the explosive Chiefs offense at bay, intercepting the star quarterback twice and allowing him to make a play for the pick-six.

This was a huge win for the Bills who now stand at 4-1 and have an unbreakable grip on the AFC East. Sunday’s defeat in K.C. It felt like the conference was turning the tide, which could have an impact on playoff seeding.

Don’t ask Bills players to proclaim the significance of beating the reigning conference champions on the road, in hostile conditions, in primetime in a contest which never felt close for the final two and-a-half quarters.

” It’s just one game and we’re certainly not going to try to make it more complicated than it has to be,” Allen stated via team transcript. We wouldn’t have made this a bigger deal if we lost the game. There’s still a lot of football in this season and we have to keep stacking wins. “

It’s the next win. But it seems incongruous to suggest there isn’t a tad more meaning in whipping a team that’s lost 11 games in 51 Mahomes starts than, say, pounding a meandering Houston Texans team.

When Allen was asked what message the W had sent to the rest AFC members, he didn’t respond.

” I think that, because it is your guys job, this will be made into a bigger deal. The QB stated that we are currently in Week 5. “Last I checked, four wins does not get you in the playoffs. We were in a hostile environment but played well and won. That’s what we strive for every week. It was a great feeling to come out and be resilient despite the delays and some plays. I am proud of the team’s handling of the situation. As I mentioned, away games can be difficult, regardless of who you are playing. Every week is different, each match-up is different. It’s important to get out there and create a plan. That’s what we did today. We’ll continue to do that. “

The Bills business-like approach when celebrating a big win is evident from their star quarterback to all levels of the team. Each Bills player, when asked about Sunday’s win, dismissed the importance.

Safety Micah Hyde: “I’ve been in this league long enough, I understand that kind of stuff … head-to-head, late in the season is huge. It’s week five. This is not a game we are going to lose all our marbles for. It’s a win on the road for us. Every win is huge. Today was a great day. “

Safety Jordan Poyer: “It’s Week 5. It’s still early season. This is a huge road win for us. We can still learn from some of the mistakes made. It is still early in the season. It’s still early. “

Offensive tackle Dion Dawkins: “A win is a win. It’s only one win. We didn’t beat them, but that doesn’t mean it was two or three wins. Every win counts, no matter where they are on the schedule. We are happy to have another win. We have one week to recover from it. “

Receiver Emmanuel Sanders: “I’m not going to lie up here and say the end goal is not to win the Super Bowl. It’s also step-by-step. It was a huge step to travel and defeat a team like this. There’s still a lot to play. We won’t get too excited about it. Instead, we’ll go back to work. “

Coach Sean McDermott must love the refrains from his players. After two losses to K.C. last season, including in the AFC Championship Game by 14 points, the Bills could have toasted their accomplishment. They’re instead smirking at their feat of dominating Chiefs on the Road.

There are more important things to do in Buffalo than winning a fourth season win.

Allen & Co. wants to celebrate February, not October. 11.

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