AFRICA NEWS: Zimbabwe: The Opposition accuses ZanuPF of attacking Leader Chamisa’s Convoy

dWeb.News Article from Daniel Webster dWeb.News

dWeb.News Article from Daniel Webster dWeb.News


Cape Town – Foootage showing an opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s vehicle in Charumbira has been shared online. The video shows a group of chanters holding anti-sanctions placards and blocking the road with burning logs.

MDC Alliance blames the ruling Zanu-PF party.

“Video footage showing the violent attacks by Zanu-PF on President Nelson Chamisa’s delegation in Charumbira. The cars were seen transporting the rented crowd, and co-ordinating attacks with violent thugs holding up posters,” the MDC Alliance tweeted ..

Southern Africa Director at Human Rights Watch Dewa Mavhinga has condemned the incident and stated that stones were thrown at a convoy.

Zimbabwe Opposition MDC Alliance Leader Nelson Chamisa was attacked in Masvingo Province by a Zanu PF mob. Some were badly injured and hospitalized after the mob beat them, burned logs, threw stones, & blocked the road to Charumbira Village,” Mavhinga’s tweet read.

Members of Chamisa’s entourage were taken to hospital after being “badly injured by hired thugs”, Report Focus News said. According to the party, “Burning logs were used in order to beat up the delegation” and to block the road to Charumbira Village. The party did not identify the perpetrators of the violence. A privately-owned newspaper reported that Mr Chamisa was prevented from meeting with provincial leaders at Masvingo’s private residence.

Zimbabwe’s Permanent Secretary for Information Publicity and Broadcasting Nick Mangwana dismissed the incident as “drama” by the opposition to disrupt the #COP26 and the Special Rapporteur’s engagement.

“We are in the even of #COP26 and the Special Rapporteur’s engagement is about to happen. What else is happening? The Dramas,” Mangwana said.

The Zanu-PF-led government alleges that the opposition MDC has called for Western-imposed sanctions to be imposed against Zimbabwe. It is contemplating enacting a law that makes it illegal for anyone to call for sanctions against Zimbabwe ,, or engage in suspicious activities with foreign enemies of the nation.

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