GAMING: Fortnite Rick Grimes’ Skin Teased As The Next Walking Dead Crossover

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Epic Games has launched the Fortnite Halloween event by teasing new cross-over characters. One of them is Rick Grimes, an AMC character from The Walking Dead. Although the developer-publisher has not confirmed the arrival, an in-game tease does include a reference to the iconic hat.

While Fortnitemares kicks off today with Universal’s official Frankenstein’s Monster crossover, it’s the image below that has players expecting Rick to show up in-game sometime later this month. The image shows Rick’s distinctive sheriff’s hat alongside teases about other characters, such as the new Ghoul Trooper.

Rick’s hat has been passed down to Carl, Judith, and now perhaps loopers everywhere.

This tease follows a leak earlier this year that suggested Epic had been working on a new Walking Dead collaboration with AMC, though we didn’t know then which character it may be, if anyone. Given that good guys Daryl and Michonne came to the game last year, the most likely candidates would be Rick and his nemesis Negan, and now it looks like Rick has all but been confirmed.

If Rick Grimes appears in the Item Shop at any time, his post-apocalyptic companions will be re-offered with him. Walking Dead fans could grab the entire trio of survivors anytime this month. If there is a reveal, we’ll keep you updated and report on it.

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