BUSINESS: A Greek God Entertainment Announces A Brand New Series Coming Soon

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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A Greek God Entertainment located in Los Angeles, California is a motion picture production company that was launched in February 2015 that consists of a wide range of departments. The company along with the owner/director Abraham Lopez has worked on various professional projects from music videos, to short films, to a recent PSA collaboration with Mathew Knowles, (Music World Entertainment) and Eleanor Earl (E.L. Earl Entertainment) to spread awareness for COVID-19. Abraham Lopez being of Spanish race, a native to the San Fernando Valley, raised in Santa Clarita, has always been a go-getter and team player since childhood. He played football and graduated from Hart High School located in Newhall. He is also a college graduate with a BA with Colombia College Hollywood. Pathways is his first series in which he has carefully and passionately put thought and hard-working creativity in directing and writing this series.

Pathways A coming of age Drama series Created by Abraham Lopez Production A Greek God Entertainment LLC. @agreekgodprod Pathways @pathwaysagge

Pathways is a captivating coming-of-age drama series with just the right amount of comedy to lighten the mood. The show follows the lives and stories of Sabrina Winters (Lily Georgia), Brad Levy (Wyatt Anderson), Jessica Morgan (Natalie Moore), and Zachary Johnson (Spencer James). The friend group enters their senior year of high school with high hopes and rushes of excitement! However, things don’t start off the way they had planned… these uniquely developed characters find themselves stuck and pushed into sticky situations involving friendships turned awry, relationships that aren’t what they expected in various ways, and surprising political mishaps within the school. Life’s not always at the palm of your hands when you’re young… along the way of our story, even more students get involved in the continuous, evolving, and gut-wrenching drama which brings to the mix our beloved and hated ex- queen “B” Miss Heather McKendricks (Anuschka Van Lent) along with Rachel McKinny (Deborah Shirley) and Taylor Crocket (Madison Yergensen). The characters are presented with many thrilling and exciting life choices throughout the season that will effect their futures for worse or for better, and they must choose carefully what path they will go down. As we follow them down their pathways, we will start to witness many jaw dropping moments and overhear heartfelt conversations that will sometimes bring tears and sometimes leave you falling off the couch laughing. Pathways is both thought provoking and groundbreaking and will leave the audience at the edge of their seats and enthralled in the journey ahead!

CONTACT: Abraham Lopez, (323) 475-1357 

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