BUSINESS: Loveforce International Reaches Streaming Of Its Music In Its 100th Nation

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Santa Clarita, CA, September 24, 2021 –(– A milestone was reached today as the illusive 100th nation to stream and/or download music in the Loveforce International Records catalog happened. The streaming of Autumn Leaves song “Judee Sill” by James McCown in the nation of North Korea accounted for the 100th nation Loveforce International Music was streamed in.

Since its official launch on February 1, 2020, Loveforce International has had its catalog streamed and/or downloaded in an increasing number of nations. By the end of 2020 Loveforce International was streamed and/or downloaded in 69 nations. By July 2021 the label’s distribution peaked at 99 nations. It was a two month wait to get to nation 100.

Judee Sill, the subject of McCown’s song was a noted American songwriter who was also a recording artist. Never achieving commercial success as a recording artist in her lifetime, Sill’s songs have been recorded by The Hollies, Cass Elliot and Warren Zevon, among others. Her records have achieved a cult status in the decades since her death. McCown wrote the song about sill because he is inspired by her music.

“The fact that a song about an American songwriter with a cult status is streamed by someone in a nation that doesn’t allow music to become our 100th streaming nation is apropos,” said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas. “it shows that no matter where, people all over the world want to listen to music, even when its forbidden,” He continued.

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