BUSINESS: Wana Brands Expand Cannabis Leadership With Green Flower, GF Institute In Promoting Cannabis Credential Initiative

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Wana CEO Nancy Whiteman Joins GFI Steering Committee, Advises and Approves Final Professional Curricula Intended for Industry-wide Application

VENTURA, Calif. and BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Green Flower announced today that Wana Brands and its CEO and Co-founder Nancy Whiteman are joining the newly formed GF Institute to promote professionalism and employee development with a historic new initiative that brings standardized education and professional credentialing to the cannabis space. We have built the cannabis industry from scratch and have learned the attributes and knowledge that are essential for the top candidates. The development of standard credentials will make it easier to recruit high-quality candidates. It will increase industry credibility among policymakers, business leaders, and consumers. Whiteman said, “I’m very grateful to have been a part of the process.”

“We have seen the edibles industry grow rapidly and reach new audiences previously unfamiliar with cannabis use–highlighting the critical need for real, powerful, research-tested standards like what GFI will provide for this workforce,” said Gil Christie, the inaugural chairman of GF Institute. “Wana Brands’ commitment to innovation provides the GFI with a much-needed perspective as we work with the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB), the largest accreditation agency in the Western hemisphere, to standardize the cannabis industry and promote professional development programs like never before. “

Contrary to popular belief standardizing education does not mean removing the most important elements from the content and redistributing them in a way that is culturally relevant to the community. This is how cannabis has thrived for hundreds of decades. Many members of the GF Institute’s Steering Committee consider standardization of the onboarding process as an essential operational component. This allows employers to focus on bringing cannabis culture into their workplaces.

“Company culture is essential for Wana Brands. We recognize the importance of continuing education and we are committed to helping our employees achieve their full potential. Whiteman said that this is why we have been providing company-sponsored education programs for years and why we support the GF Institute’s efforts to establish a framework for cannabis credentials which will increase the professionalism of the industry.

GF Institute’s professional credential programs is launching with three certificate courses that are focused on the most important sectors of the industry today: the Dispensary Associate Certificate, Cultivation Technician Certificate and Manufacturing Agent Certificate. Each program is designed to prepare program graduates for specific roles.

Each credential is 15 hours long, 100% online, and consisting of two units with exams at the end of each unit.

The first unit is cannabis health, safety, and compliance — and covers everything you need to satisfy mandatory training requirements in cannabis.
The second unit is a skills-based training, designed to give people a foundational level of knowledge and skill in each target job area of the cannabis industry.

On successful completion of a credential, an individual is automatically granted membership to GFI. The GF Institute will provide members with exclusive access to ongoing education content, networking, career development opportunities and other benefits.

To encourage industry-wide adoption, GF Institute invites all Licensed Cannabis Operators across the United States to join this historic push for credibility, equity and professionalism in our industry and become Founding members of GFI.

More information on GF Institute or the GFI Cannabis Credential program can be found at the GF Institute website, where visitors can download complete program documentation, review course syllabi, and find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

About Green Flower:
Founded in 2014, Green Flower is the industry leader in cannabis education, empowering thousands of consumers, regulators, and professionals with the knowledge they need to succeed in the emerging cannabis industry today.

Green Flower is a technology platform that powers top universities and colleges in the country’s cannabis education programs. It provides tailored learning and compliance solutions to cannabis businesses of all sizes and empowers people with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s cannabis industry.

Wana Brands: Enhance Your Life.
Included in the 2020 Inc. 5000 list at #2,074 and boasting a three-year growth rate of 203%, Wana Brands is the No. 1 edibles brand in North America. Wana is a leader in the cannabis industry with its high quality, consistency, and potency. They offer a variety of options that allow customers to choose the exact cannabis experience they desire. Wana products come in a variety product types, with a wide range CBD/THC ratios. There are also a variety dosages, effects durations and onset times. Wana’s best-selling quick onset products were the first to offer a Delta-9 “smoker’s high” experience in addition to 5-15 minute onset. Wana products are available in 11 US and 9 Canadian markets, among others imminently coming online. For more information or to subscribe to Wana’s e-newsletter, visit Follow Wana on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Subscribe to Wana’s Enhance Your Life Podcast.

Contact: Adam Summers
e: [email protected] p: 708.223. 2336

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