19Labs and Doctory bring next-generation telehealth kiosks to the Middle East

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Hospital-at-home for pharmacies, schools and homes in the Gulf countries.


Jul 20, 2021, 20.01 ET

SAN MATEO (Calif.), July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hospital-at-home is changing the healthcare industry worldwide and in the Gulf countries. Healthcare companies are moving quickly to offer full care in patients’ homes, rural communities and schools using the latest diagnostic tools combined with telehealth.

19Labs and Doctory bring next-generation telehealth kiosks to the Middle East

19Labs and Doctory have formed a partnership to bring GALE eClinics into the Middle East and Gulf countries. GALE eClinics is the next generation of point-of-care platforms. They seamlessly integrate leading mobile healthcare technologies into cost-effective, smart solutions such as telehealth kiosks, telehealth kits, and portable telehealth systems. GALE will be customized and localized by the two companies. This includes support for national ID cards, localized hosting, custom health and wellness applications, full arabic translations of front-end and back-end systems, right to left user experience, and local support & sales.

Doctory CEO Samer Shamsi Basha said, “19Labs is flexible and listens to the local needs and works with us to make healthcare available in the Middle East in a best possible way.” GALE allows customers to deploy complete eClinics with the most advanced diagnostic devices, such as 12L ECG and ultrasound, remote exam cameras (blood testing, vital signs), pulse oximeters and spirometers, as well as blood pressure monitoring. It also integrates Zoom, Amwell and remote patient monitoring into an affordable and easy-to-deploy system that is designed for non-healthcare professionals.
Ram Fish, 19Labs CEO and Founder, stated that Doctory’s insights into the local market were invaluable from a product, business, and technology perspective. “They are a great partner, smart, tech-savvy and healthcare-centric. They are well-connected. Doctory is committed to making a difference in the Middle East through GALE eClinics. DoctoryDoctory is a leading enhanced telehealth and medical devices company with offices throughout the Gulf. Its mission is to improve the quality of care in the region. Visit http://www.doctory.me for more information. About 19Labs 19Labs is responsible for GALE, the Next Generation Point of Care platform for rural pharmacies, schools, communities, and rural communities. GALE brings together the best diagnostic technologies from industry leaders such as Zoom, Elo and Amwell, Samsung Mobile, MIR and Omron, Viasat and many other companies in one smart, efficient and cost-effective platform. It was built from the ground up for non-healthcare professionals to use in areas with limited infrastructure. Visit http://www.19labs.com/platform to learn more about GALE. Ram Fish6506448660 Press Contact https://www.19labs.comSOURCE19Labs

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