Video: Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp Switch Vs. GBA Comparison

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Oh hey.. first!

Thanks for the comparison. Lots of nostalgia with the old graphics. Still trying to decide if I like this game or if it just stresses me out

Edit: That depth of field blur from Link’s Awakening would have been perfect here, actually.



While I probably would have preferred a 2D hand-drawn style instead, I don’t mind the graphics as much as others. I’m just happy to see Advance Wars back.



Pixel art/hand drawn tends to age better than 3D, but AW is not the kind of game that relies heavily on frame rates and what not, so as long as the loading time is not excessive, the switch to 3D isn’t a big deal to me. I’m going to be all over it just because it’s Advance Wars.



While I have no doubt that the remake will provide quality of life enhancements, and will likely feel the best to play, I do feel like a lot has been lost in the visuals department. The remake art style feels inferior to the originals, and the colours in the game are a lot less bright and saturated. I do hope the game sells well though, we can do with a new original Advance Wars title.



It’d be nice if they could add an option to toggle between the new and old style but I know that’s unrealistic. The new one looks fine and it’s nice to just have the series back at all but the original style has a lot more charm.



I just with they would include the original as well on all these remake releases. Like they did back then with the Monkey Island SE. With one button you could change between the original and the new graphics and sounds.



I never played these games, so I’m looking forward to this. I liked the two DS entries.



The new art direction looks just a touch generic, but perhaps they will hone their craft come the next instalment. Maybe we’ll have another Fire Emblem Awakening situation on our hands as the prosperity of the Advance Wars franchise will likely hinge on this entry (especially considering that it’s been a whole 13 years since the last entry, and then there were two entries released within a year, the other being Battalion Wars 2 on Wii).

I wish more games would opt for a hand-drawn (and coloured) aesthetic, at least where cut-scenes and character animations are concerned. Sadly, digitally produced animation looks sterile more often than not, and this is especially noticeable in remakes like these and long running animated TV/film franchises.

I also hope they will include more newcomer-friendly options for filthy casuals like me who will likely get stuck only a few maps in. The only Advance Wars game I have owned/played is Dark Conflict/Days of Ruin and I only made it past the first few stages before I hit a roadblock, and the strategising required is far too intricate for one who wants to enjoy the game rather than spending hours on a map only to become infuriated when I still fail (and shock, horror, I play games to unwind).

Something akin to the difficulty options in the Fire Emblem games that render it accessible to newcomers without sacrificing the brutal difficulty for masochistic players would be much appreciated.

Either way, this is perhaps ironically my most anticipated announcement from the Direct as WarioWare was not what I had been dreaming of for the last 10 years. (though the Treehouse footage has improved my perception of it a bit)



If they could make it less childish, it would be perfect.



I know most people on here prefer the pixelated look but realistically if Nintendo wants to attract new people to the franchise (and there’s A LOT of people who will have been too young to have played the originals) I can understand why they wanted to give it a more modern look.



Not only are the 3d models really generic and cheap looking straight out of some mobile game. They also managed to ruin the art style too. Considering it’s just the same games but worse looking, they might as well have just ported the games as is and called it a day



I have never played the GBA AW games so I am looking forward to picking this up but as others have said I would have liked an option if they added the retro visuals also but hey if the sales end up being good then it might lead to a new AW game.

@Dualmask “AW is not the kind of game that relies heavily on frame rates and what not, so as long as the loading time is not excessive”

Yep I agree. I am a huge fps snob but when it comes to games that are turn based then I am not too bother with low frame rate or a hiccup here and there (aslong as it isn’t stuttering like crazy).



I never played the originals, but they look like toy tanks in those games, so it makes sense that they look like toys in 3D. I don’t know if people are mad because they didn’t use pixel graphics, or because it doesn’t look like Call of Duty Tactics, or both, but either way I think Re-Boot Camp looks great. I’m hoping this is Nintendo testing the waters for remaking old GBA games, and that this opens doors for a Golden Sun 1+2 remake, that Metroid Fusion remake Mercury Steam wanted to make, and Mothe—wait, no. Let’s not get too carried away.



I don’t have any nostalgia for the series at all so I’m not hankering for the old style at all and way prefer the clean modern look. The screen is less cluttered and the toys/board game aesthetic is really cool.

I especially love that you can see the wooden frame of the board on the outside.

Anyway, other than a brief foray on Wii U, I have not played either of these games so I’m looking forward to jumping in.



Does Nintendo release new games anymore or is everything just a dusted off rehash?



@Silly_G I’m a really weak player when it comes to strategy games. As soon as they start getting too intricate, I fail and usually give up. I somehow managed to complete Advance Wars on Wii U VC though. From what I remember, only 3 or 4 maps gave me any real problems. I haven’t played the sequel.



I’m going to play it either way but I can’t help but notice the art style is a bit….uninspiring



My most anticipated game this year.

I love the new Commander models/ animations. Also, the way the whole environment looks like a board game is awesome. It reminds me of the Links Awakening remake, everything is very toy-like (which I loved). However, I can take or leave the new unit models. I don’t dislike them. They are just a bit bland.



I, for one, really like this new look.



I like that it looks like a strategy map/war board with figures. Gives the vibes that the generals are at HQ planning how the war will go before actually rolling out. Splendid idea.



The game will be great, but the original graphics look so much better

The real problem is the first two games were pretty much perfect at doing what they set out to do. All they really needed to do was release them with an improved online implementation.



@nkarafo In the classic Nintendo spirit, it’s definitely a cartoony franchise. At least looking at old Japanese commercials.
(Although wasn’t Days of Ruin supposed to be a more “serious” interpretation?)
The Super Famicom intro had two armies showing bigger tanks at each other. Until one side shows off its HUGE tank, later revealing it to be made of cardboard.



@OorWullie I can relate to some degree. I’m fine with the likes of Fire Emblem, but once unit building is thrown into the fray, I tap out. It was why I never could advance beyond a certain point in games like Starcraft or Red Alert and other RTS games.



The biggest comparison will come in the form of Switch vs GBA.

Advance Wars is the perfect game for the GBA. You can play the campaign, it has a pass-the-console multiplayer mode (perfect for train journeys) and the skirmish mode which has an infinite amount of depth. This coupled with the map creator gave you a game you can play for 5 minutes on the bus or 5 days lying in bed on a console that fits into any pocket. I would call it the perfect portable game.

The Switch on the other hand isn’t nearly as portable as the GBA so will the game lose some of its charm?



Wasn’t a fan of the new look, at first, but it’s grown on me.


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